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American Conquest - Forts and Trading Posts

American Conquest will contain one of the most important aspects of the American expansion: fortresses and trading posts. These areas were vital for trading with Indians, as well as other natives on the land. Fortresses were the most pinnacle aspect of expansion in the Americas and showed of a nation’s power...

Yet there is an importance to merging these two items of American Conquest; that is, trading posts and fortresses.  Truly, trading posts were heavily guarded in the early stages


of trading with Indians, and later they were not as guarded, because of the reasons of settle alliances with Indians. For the most part, American Conquest will have to succeed in realism; it is important that trading posts are heavily guarded, in a fortress-fashion. Trading posts, in themselves, were forts. Within the many trading posts were many goods, including weapons, foods, and many other items. And certainly, these items had to be protected well, as they were worth a lot to the nation that held them, as well as the Indians...

Among the more important things about fortresses is there placement; fortresses, in the New World, were usually built in strategic locations.  It is important that American Conquest illustrates this and allows players to demonstrate such strategy in the game.  Many fortresses were placed on high locations, on elevated hills.

Perhaps, if done in American Conquest, fortresses can gain defensive bonuses for being built on elevated places.  Among the other things, fortresses that were built on such elevated places were surrounded by palisades, which in themselves rounded the primary hill, making it hard and difficult to get to the fort itself.  Fortresses posed as major expansion points of certain “empires” and many many of them were built on high locations.

Therefore, will GSC implement an option to build fortresses on top of high hillsides, and even

“Among the other features of other fortresses, some of them were build a star-like design.  There was even a strategy in the way a fortress was designed...”

allow such a situation to gain specific defensive bonuses? Well, hopefully. The suggestion has been given over to GSC and fans are waiting for more strategy to develop from fortress building, as well as more defensive bonuses.

Among the other features of other fortresses, some of them were build a star-like design. There was even a strategy in the way a fortress was designed; stars usually have sudden and sharp tips, and with the design implemented into fortresses, these tips were strategic points for look-outs, towers, and other such things. The star designs of forts worked well early on in the Americas and proved well used...

On the other hand, the design of the fortresses is up to GSC.  With the consideration of American Conquest’s time period, along with the nations that will play host to such fortresses, fans are expecting diverse architecture for fortresses, along with certain strategic bonuses. There is a hope that the developers will consider all aspects of the Americas’ fortresses.

“Trading posts should be guarded well; in themselves they should be fortresses, and possibly can be raided...”

With the idea of trading posts being heavily guarded and being forts themselves, along with strategic points of fortresses, hopefully such aspects will be implemented in the game.  And along with such depth and emphasis on fortresses and trading posts, there will be an importance with strategy as well.

Trading posts should be guarded well; in themselves they should be fortresses, and possibly can be raided...However, these ideas are not yet the foundation of the game itself, but hopefully will find a place in American Conquest.  Overall, look forward to major strategy with fortresses and trading posts.

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