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Take Me Back To The ”War Journal”
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Part 1
The Beginning of the Service
By Denis (Deen)

Artos: Hey, William. How is life treating you my friend?
William: Morning, Artos, not wonderful, thank you for asking though.
Artos: Yeah, I am having money problems again.
William: Stone mining does not pay off either.
Artos: You know what, I am going to join the King’s army.
William: Yes… I also thought of changing jobs.
Artos: No, I am taking about right now! I quit, and going to enroll tomorrow!
William: Tomorrow?! You know, to think about it, I’ll come to. I quit!

Artos: You think we can get into a musketeer regiment?
William: Don’t know. Sure would be nice… I heard they get paid more.
Artos: I don’t see why they would. The risk is lower, I don’t think they get much training either, just get a musket and uniforms.
William: Probably right.

Artos: I knew musketeers would be better… I knew it.
William: It might get better, Artos. You don’t know what they have to go through…
Artos: These uniforms are rather uncomfortable, my cuirass is hurting my shoulders, I think its too small.
William: I got a huge one… too heavy. Maybe we can exchange! That is if we can make it through the day..
Artos: Definitely, good idea, my friend.

William: At last, we need to celebrate, Artos! What do you think?
Artos: Absolutely, let’s go to town and have some fun tonight!
William: You’ve got it!

William: This is great, Artos. We got money and are in the army. What do you want to do?
Artos: I am saving for a house I want to build after the service.
William: If we are still alive, huh? Anyhow, got any ideas on what we should do?
Artos: I heard there is an artillery shop being build in the west of town, lets go take a look at it.
William: Most wonderful idea!

Artos: Looks great!
William: Did they start training the crews yet? I haven’t seen anyone.
Artos: How could they, they don’t got guns yet, this is the first artillery shop in town. Hope they can finish it before we have our first battle so we have artillery.
William: Yeah. We might be sent south to take care of Austrian scouting regiments.
Artos: So soon? We must go to the church then, before leaving.
William: Should we go now?
Artos: Agreed.

Musketeer: Hey, you two, ready to get killed tomorrow?
Artos: We will see who gets killed, if you are not scared to come of course!
William: Those musketeers think they are better than us.
Artos: I doubt they went trough the endless hours of drills like us. I am beginning to think pikeman is a more noble position.
William: You mean for tough guys like us, right? Ha-ha-ha.
Artos: Exactly, ha-ha, c’mon, lets go in.
Priest: Come in; come into the God’s house.
William: Thank you padre.

William: I cannot believe they put me in the corner, the most likely place to get killed.
Artos: Well, at least we are not the guys in the front line, William. Cheer up!
William: You are right… too bad… we should try to help them when the fighting starts.
Artos: Uhm. Ask others
if they will join us in helping them.
Soldier: Hey, guys, don’t let them get close to you with those swords. Your neck will be slit before you know it.
Artos: Really? I guess they can swing them faster than we can trust our pikes.
William: Thank you for the advice. May I ask you your name sir?
Soldier: Griswold, Markus Griswold.
Artos: Nice to meet you, I’m Artos and this is William.
Markus: Nice to meet you two too. Try not to get killed.

William: I am so glad we got pikes instead of swords, Artos.
Artos: Yeah, I bet those guys are not happy with their swords now, but they do have shields…

William: I got your back, Artos!
Artos: Yes… aghuh… take that… ought… haa… Look out, William!!!
Markus: Gggrrughhh… (thrusts a pike through an Austrian soldier).
William: Thank you…
Markus: Yeah, yeah. Talk later… uhhh.

William: Psst, Artos, I think the guy we are standing on is not quite dead!
Artos: I know. Just ignore him, and keep quite.
Officer: No talking in line.
Markus: (whispers) Shh, you two, or he will make you carry that guy home.
William: (whispers) I am glad we did not loose to many men, even though we were outnumbered by the Austrians.
Artos: (whispers) Guess the pike is better than sword and shield.
Markus: (whispers) What are you talking about, we simply had more training and better officers in command.

End of Part 1
To be continued…


Take Me Back To The ”War Journal”

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