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Art of War and Cossacks War Stories!
Are you waiting out the arrivial of American Conquest, or perhaps you want an entertaining wat story to read? Well, this is the place! We hope that you enjoy our war stories, among others as well.  We have worked especially hard on them to include interesting story-lines and other details. You can also submit a war story under our forum but you must follow the guidelines stated for the forum, including that of war journal submissions.  For now, enjoy!

Darkening Horizon by Robert Thomas. Click here to read! Excerpt: A great, towering mountain overshadowed an approaching and threatening army, as its masses passed through its shadows. Although the army was clearly hidden by the mountain's deceiving shade, it was foreseen to corrupt the gentle swift of the gloomy wind; soon, the silent lands would erupt with the grim sounds of war and an onslaught would occur…It was an event that was dreadful…  Although the army was unseen and certainly concealed, there was another opposing force vulnerable to the open and grassy field.  Since in the open, their enormous stretch of soldiers intimidated the hidden and frightened the docile animals of the ground.  As they moved upon the lands, their trudging footsteps were echoed from the mountainside, a terrible reflection of what was to come…READ MORE!

The General by Denis (Deen).  Click here now to read the General. Excerpt: Part 1: The Two Armies...“It was the winter of 1703, and we, Swedes, have managed to get into the Russian territory from the North. Our camp was positioned only about 38 kilometers from the border, so we still had a long way to push toward the Russian fortress where one of our generals was held captive, and resistance was growing stronger with every passing minute. READ MORE!

NEW! Reflection of War: Thunder by Robert Thomas. Click here now to read! Excerpt: Soon, the Austrian pikemen were sprayed with the rain of bullets, as the loose sand was shifted by the penetrating projectiles.  In reaction, they screamed and yelled in means of intimidating, as they began to trudge forward toward the enemy, with many pikemen falling because of the powerful bullets. The Austrian and orange Dragoons discharged their weapons, a mist of smoke and smog from the rifles filled the air, pervading over the now moving pikemen.  READ MORE!

The War Adventures of Artos and William PART 1 by Denis (Deen).  Click here to read from our Website! By the way, You Can Also Read It Here At Our Forum. Excerpt: William: Yes… I also thought of changing jobs.  Artos: No, I am taking about right now! I quit, and going to enroll tomorrow! William: Tomorrow?! You know, to think about it, I’ll come to. I quit!  Artos: You think we can get into a musketeer regiment? William: Don’t know. Sure would be nice… I heard they get paid more.  Artos: I don’t see why they would. The risk is lower, I don’t think they get much training either, just get a musket and uniforms. William: Probably right.  READ MORE!


Look Forward to Hearing about American Conquest War Stories. COMING SOON!
Complete with gamers’ stories about the most amazing combats and battles that will take place in the American Conquest game, this section of the web site will be detailed in the heat of the battles! This page also gives insight of what the gameplay is actually like, therefore showing actual accounts of what a gamer will go through with battle events and economy downfalls.

We hope to make the stories both interesting and detailed as possible. Along with this, you can stop by our forums and share your battles as well as tips! Be sure to do so and have fun! Thanks!


Take Me Back To The “Writing Section”

American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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