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Your Questions Answered! (Interview with GSC)

Here is a short, but informative interview with GSC! They kindly give us some more information about the game, although some is already known.  First of all, the questions are asked by the “PTRCREW” or KnightRobby, ComposerRyan. We hope that this Interview gives you some more information and detail about American Conquest!  We would like to thank GSC for taking the time out to answer the following questions...

PTRCREW: Can you tell us a little more about the native tribes and Indians? How will they defend themselves and how will they compete with the European nations? How will they handle naval battles?

GSC: We plan really diverse nations, with 3-5 unique units, architecture, and moreover unique ways of development for them. Native Americans will, naturally, have their own tricks and peculiarities for them to stand a chance against Europeans. That is, natives will greater in numbers, have their unique features and possibilities, be better accustomed to living on American continent etc. Natives will have canoes, while Europeans will have somewhat mightier fleet. The historical reality prevents us from enabling ship-of-the-line building for the natives, so they are not going to excel on sea. Anyway, we’ll provide them with features to withstand European naval attacks.     

PTRCREW: There is trade in American Conquest, right?  If this is already in the game, how will it work?  Will it be useful for both Indians and the Europeans? Will European nations be able to trade with Indians?

GSC: Yes, an extensive trading is planned for the game, as some nations will have different sets of resources even. Trading will be carried out in Town Halls (where you can strike deals with your neighbours, allies, both Natives and Europeans), as well as at trading posts, where different kinds of resources can be exchanged.  

PTRCREW: Can you give us some more details about random maps? Will there be snow accessible through the random map options? (And if possible, please feel free to tell us anything else about this :o)

GSC: Four climatic zones are going to appear in American Conquest (desert, jungles etc), that means a diverse and rich game flora and fauna. It is more likely that we have snowy landscape in missions, rather than in random map mode.

PTRCREW: If at all possible to giveaway, how will the fortifications of the European nations work?  Will cannons be mounted on walls or perhaps will units be able to walk on them?

GSC: Units will be able to enter virtually any building and defend it. Fortresses and forts are going to be the major buildings on player’s encampment. Loopholes will shelter fortress defenders, no firm idea about cannon mounting and wall walking so far.

PTRCREW: What new options will be available for gamers?

GSC: Diplomacy and soldier morale can be named as such, I guess.

PTRCREW: Can you give us any specifications on how buildings are destroyed? If not, thanks anyway for everything :o)

GSC: Like in Cossacks, you’ll be able to destroy buildings with artillery, set them on fire or burn them down after capturing.

PTRCREW: Can you give us an estimate on the release date? Like spring, summer of 2002?

GSC: The exact release date to be announced later.

The Interview You Just Read Was Thanks To Oleg!

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Special Thanks to Oleg from GSC!

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