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Look forward to Push the Rock, a web site developed and brought to you holding information about the following:

  • Hidden Manna Series- Composed of Biblical Studies and other God-focused information
  • Reigning Strategy - A web site devoted to strategy games, such as the up-coming American Conquest - a game developed by GSC Game World. Click here now to go to the American Conquest fansite made by the PTR Network!
  • Echo Rebound - This is a website dedicated to the world of music - specifically MIDI keyboards and MIDI software.
  • Stroke of Light - Check out what art looks like through God by viewing many different CGI, pencil, and other arts!

The main focus of the up-coming web site is to bring some of the most recent updates and information to visitors using the foundation of God. Through this, we hope that we give visitors what they need in a web network. We also pray to give people hope and inspiration as well as give them something to look forward to. 

We Hope That You Come Back To Check Out the Official PTR Network,
Ricky, Robby (KnightRobby), and Ryan (ComposerRyan) Thomas



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