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American Conquest - Early Examination

American Conquest, a real-time strategy game developed by GSC Game World, is now coming along smoothly. Gradually, the AC Community has grown in response to American Conquest’s great aspects and ideas; it is quite apparent that many fans of the RTS Genre are excited and anticipating its release.

There are many reasons that fans are excited about American Conquest: the graphics are going to be stunning, the game will be able to run on lower-end computers, there will be

“This will allow players to be able to generate massive armies...up to 16,000 or more units...”

realistic points to the game, and most importantly is will be running on the famous Cossacks Engine. This will allow players to be able to generate massive armies, more than 2000, and the highest - as GSC has stated - will be up to 16,000 or more units on screen in real time.

GSC has been sure to include fans’ ideas into the game and the company behind American Conquest takes consideration to their fans; this is what is also so exciting about the game as well. Many realistic ideas, both from fans and GSC, will be embodied into the RTS game and will give American Conquest some more realism and life.  Now, here is what all the excitement about in the early stages of the game

AC’s Foundation: Cossacks Engine.  GSC made Cossacks: European Wars, which shocked many RTS fans and other players from the RTS community.  The reasons are quite simple: the game incorporated great graphics, incredible units, and most importantly a population limit of up to 8,000 units. Yet at the same time many may think that acquiring so many units in real time may be impossible, but with GSC developing an amazing game engine, it was possible.

Even on the lower systems, players could play with up to 2000 units (up to 8000 units) on

“...gaming corporations have to make sure that such RTS games can be supported by the technology given to the everyday household.”

screen without any terrible lag, and compared to such games as Age of Kings, Cossacks’ compression and animations were more detailed and eye-catching. Age of Kings still has “lag” on 64MB RAM systems, while Cossacks - with its detail and 2000 units - did not suffer to the systems capabilities.

And with American Conquest based off of the Cossacks engine, players will be able to have the exact excitement of Cossacks on lower systems, but this time even better!  American Conquest, based in the time of exploring the Americas, will have some great features: detailed diplomacy, trading and trade posts, warships will be boardable, beautiful land details, and of course 16,000 unit population - this will be no problem at all considering it will run on the Cossack engine. 

Timing Is Everything.  Within the gaming world, timing is almost everything; companies cannot release advance games at the wrong time...what this means, simply, is that gaming corporations have to make sure that such RTS games can be supported by the technology given to the everyday household. The game has to be sure to run on lower systems, but at the same time compete with other titles.

For American Conquest, it will have 3D land, 2D building-style, and 3D units.  With the compression of the Cossacks engine, many people will be able to buy the game and enjoy its many features. During this time, many people cannot afford to buy a large system simply to play more advanced RTS games; therefore, American Conquest will conquer this area and work on lower-end computers, but support the needs of RTS fans with great and new features never seen in other titles.

Therefore, timing is everything. Since American Conquest is due for sometime at the end of 2002, or in the beginning of 2003, the game will be able to run on the modern-day computers. Some other titles coming out in 2002, for example Age of Mythology, will have

“There will be four men on one cannon that will load, protect, and fire off the cannon.”

a hard time finding RTS fans willing to upgrade, or even buy, an entire computer to simply run such an advance game.  However, American Conquest is coming out in a time where systems are advancing, but overall people are not willingly buying them, and therefore they are “stuck” with their “older” computers. Surely, American Conquest will be capable of running on these “older” machines during this time!

Exciting Features. GSC has given out some great features that will be included in American Conquest. These features will keep fans playing the game for hours on end, hopefully. In the aspect of new animation features, there will be gun-crews for each cannon. There will be four men on one cannon that will load, protect, and fire off the cannon.  GSC has promised that included with this feature will be high-quality animations. You can catch a glimpse of the early animation here. 

Other exciting features to look forward to include: boarding other ships, trading posts, Indians having the capability of stealthy like actions and being able to hide from the mini-map (as fans had requested), Indian Shamans that will be able to “reveal” parts of the map. For land, bridges, mountains, and waterfalls will be included in random maps, not limited to only campaigns’ or scenarios’ detailed maps.

There are many reasons to be excited about American Conquest and you don’t want to miss out on this amazing game!

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American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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