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The American Conquest Forum. (Read Terms and Agreement Below)
Gamers these days need a voice in the developing world...well, here is your chance!  Check out our forum to post out your comments, battles, ideas, thoughts, and anything else relating to the American Conquest game.  Along with this, we hope that you enjoy communicating with other gamers. We promise that we will respond to your posts and we will try to keep your voice alive!! In order to post, you must be a rigestered member of our forum ;o)

But first, you must agree to our terms of this service and understand them, as well as follow our guidelines. Here they are:

You are not to promote or encourage any type of ‘adult’ materials. These materials include that of harmful words and/or images that may promote sexual related words or graphical images such as nudity, links to other sites that contain harmful material, the promotion of illegal activity such as substance abuse, fraud, and/or anything else that is considered illegal.  Most importantly, however, we realize that many people can manipulate words and easily insinuate these things through our forums.  With this, if we find that a person is breaking our guidelines by ‘insinuating’ the promotion of these materials, then they will be dealt with promptly. The consequences of disobeying these guidelines are not specific.  For instance, if you disobey a guideline, you may have certain restrictions put on you at our forums, such as the removal of your membername.

War Story and Strategy Submission Guidelines:
If you are going to post a war story under our forum, it must first follow these guidelines.  Your war story cannot include profanity, content of extreme violence, sexual content, or anything else that promotes illegal materials, etc. Please write your war stories wisely. If we feel that your war story does not fit our guidelines, they will not be included in our War Journal section.

Ultimately, we feel that these ‘adult’ materials are not of God and are immoral. We will have no part in them, and if we see it taking place on our forums, it will be dealt with immediately and removed for those who want a peaceful visit at PTR.

We want for all of our users to enjoy the forum. Otherwise, we hope that users enjoy this function as a part of our network!  Below, you may go to the forum by clicking “I AGREE” and you will then commit yourself to our guidelines and terms. Thank you! Have fun!



American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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Give Your Ideas To GSC!  Want your voice to be heard in the gaming community?  This is your chance!  Go to our Forum Section and give your ideas to the creators and developers of American Conquest, as well as Cossacks.

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