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Links and Resources for American Conquest.
On this page you’ll find some of the most secure and informative links to web pages dealing with American Conquest.  Most of them are professional and without doubt are prominent websites representing either the game or the American Conquest developers/publishers.  Check them out:

WARNING: The following websites may not reflect the view of the PTRNetwork and can go beyond the PTRNetwork guidelines.  Ads or any other relevant information may not be supported by our guidelines.

Official Links.
GSC Game World - The developers of American Conquest.  This website, the official homepage of GSC, will inform fans about recent and new titles, as well as updates. - The official homepage for Cossacks: European Wars as well as Art of War.  You should really check this out as it has important information. 

Fansites of American Conquest and Cossacks.  The following are fansites approved for viewing, so be sure to check them out and have fun surfing them! Some of these websites are in different languages to provide other countries with some great information and provide reliable resources for American Conquest and Cossacks!

Fansite Name



American Conquest Dutch Fansite

Dutch (Netherlands/ Belgium)

A Dutch Fansite with very good screenshots, CGI, and units pages.

Soldats D’Austrelitz

French And English

A French website, also translated in English, with a lot of information!

Cossacks Heavengames


A great resource for fans of Cossacks.  Updated weekly and excellent content!

American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

American Conquest Forum. Check out our American Conquest Forum by going under the Forum Section. Discuss the game and give your comments!

Cossacks And Art of War Forum. If you play Cossacks or its expansion often, then check out this forum by also going under the Forum Section!

Give Your Ideas To GSC!  Want your voice to be heard in the gaming community?  This is your chance!  Go to our Forum Section and give your ideas to the creators and developers of American Conquest, as well as Cossacks.

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