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What is American Conquest?
GSC is creating an incredible real-time strategy game, which displays some of the best graphics and performance on computers. What is so special about this game?  Well, if you would take a look above at the screenshots section, you will find out. Other than amazing graphics, American Conquest stuns gamers with in-depth strategy; you are able to create massive armies, nearly 16,000 men, compared to the amazing 8,000 in Cossacks. 

Not only this, but commanding your army can be a task worth striving for; you are able to create complex formations, using a drummer, officer, and the new flag-bearer.  American Conquest finely mixes both RTS flavors: economy and military.  Both are equally important in this game.  Before you check out the list of features from GSC be sure to check out the other pages under ‘Features’:

The Official Features of American Conquest...
Epic real-time strategy with historical background

Captivating real-time mayhems with up to 16,000 units Era between 1492 and 1813

4 thrilling campaigns with 30 versatile missions: Pizarro's Expedition, the War of Tecumseh, the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence

6 historical battles in multiplayer mode

12 separate single player missions

12 different nations and tribes: Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos, USA

100 different units and 106 buildings

Tactical formations for infantry, cavalry and artillery using officers, drummers and standard bearers

Realistic artillery with gunner squadrons from transporting and loading cannon up to the effects of detonating cannon balls

Apart from wide range attacks, all shooting units can fight with swords and knives (Cold Steel Attack)

All buildings can be attacked, occupied and defended by troops
Fortresses, forts and log cabins provide defensive advantages; units can also be accommodated and trained there

Map Scaling: Pressing a single key gives an extensive overview of the fighting action through a special zoom perspective

Huge maps (30x20 screens, 1024x768 pixels) and fascinating landscapes in four different climatic zones

Detailed animation of all movements such as loading weapons, etc.
Fight morale is influenced by victories, defeats, food supplies, equipment and mercenary pay

Intricate diplomacy system, you can obtain warriors and raw materials for reasonable prices through e.g. an alliance with a neutral tribe

Natural environment can be used strategically: caves as hiding places or ambush starting points, hills extend the shooting range

Multiplayer mode for up to 7 players via LAN or Internet: Deathmatch, historical battles, automated championship system and global rating system

Detailed random maps in various sizes and with manifold settings for unlimited gaming fun
Distinctly improved AI

Further Information About American Conquest. Yes! There is a lot more that you can learn about American Conquest. We have written up some great articles about American Conquest’s features and what to expect from the incredible RTS game.  If you want to learn A LOT more about AC, go to our Articles Section, and then you will find out Topic Articles.  Also, be sure to check out the About AC Section! And get the latest discussions at our forum!

American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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