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American Conquest - Land and Sea Details

One of the most attractive features of a game should definitely be its land and certainly its sea, and not only in the aspect of graphics, but land attacks plus assualts, to that of naval warfare in the sea.  Many RTS fans want a wide-range of strategy, as well as entertaining graphics to go along with it.

American Conquest has yet to show its details into the sea, but so far the land looks very impressive.  Although the game is indeed in its earlier stages, it is obvious that the developers are truly focusing on all aspects; they have so far promised bridges, mountains, and waterfalls in random map, and certainly such beautiful nature wonders will not be limited to only campaigns and scenarios.

Question: What type of random map land can we expect?  How varied and is there snow?   [Asked By KnightRobby]

Answer: “The Random Map generator will allow getting a virtually unlimited set of singleplayer and multiplayer maps with huge variety of landscapes. We have prepared 4 well-developed climatic zones with over 200 types of flora and fauna. There also will be snowy landscapes and mountains. Map editor will enable creating your own snow maps.”

Answered By: ‘Pepsi,' GSC Game World

Since the game will consider the entire realm of the Americas, expect various land types, from tropical forests, to, perhaps, marshes and other such land types, along with much more.  Also, there are some screenshots of small streams and rocky mountains; be sure to take a look at the screenshots section.

Along with such beautiful terrain are the strategies that will come from such natural surroundings.  As in most and recent RTS games, many players may find themselves succeeding because of their positioning on the land; elevation can play a key role in gaining attack strengths and bonues, and certainly this will probably be a promising aspect of American Conquest.

Question: What types of strategy will be involved with land? Will there be strategic opportunities for certain positions on land?  Or anything else? [Asked By KnightRobby]

Answer: “The game will have some new features, such as bonuses for units inside of the building, morale system, real ballistics of a projectile (accuracy and shot power will be different depending on the distance to the target), two types of weapons, specific weapons such as air-guns (shoots poison arrows), tomahawks and the like, realistic artillery.

“Because of the fact that the landscape is three-dimensional units on the elevations they will see and shoot further.  Also, innovation is the fact that units on the elevation obtain less than the loss from the shots from units of those shooting from below. Also on the landscape there will be many objects of those representing strategic value.  Besides all possible ruins and caves, where can be found the resources, on the map are located neutral settlings, neglected/deserted cities and buildings, which can be used to finish building, so they will be the idols of the Indian tribes, which also give bonuses.  It is worthwhile to fight for all these objects, since they will give a number of advantages.”

Answered By: ‘Pepsi,' GSC Game World

Along with this, bridges also may play a key role in strategies. Unknown is the fact of bridges being an “only passageway” to, perhaps, an important trade post.  If a bridge is the only link to a trade post, then certainly such a bridge will become important to a player. The question is this: can bridges be destroyed?  We have yet to find out, but if so, players will have to guard bridges if indeed it is their own pathway, and it will play a vital role for certain military campaigns, and perhaps trading operations.

On the other hand of American Conquest’s land and sea, there are the strategies of the oceans and seas. It is unknown if there will be capabilities to explore among the rivers of the Americas, but certainly many fans are hoping for this. Rivers can be chains and routes for trading - as hopefully there will be sea trade routes - and guarding such chains will be vital in succeeding for victory.

Of course, with naval warfare there will be the capability to see actual men standing on the deck, perhaps those that are being transported.  But these men, if close enough to another enemy ship, can fire from the deck and gain major advantages.  To accomplish such a marvelous task, the vessels in American Conquest are promised to be quite large, but large enough to stay within a computer's limits.

Indians will, of course, be vunerable when it comes to naval warfare.  There is a possibility, however, of Indians boarding allied ships, or raiding enemy ships within the realm of sea. If this can be done, the task of raiding an enemy ship would be both dangerous and risky; casualties of Indian warriors, in any case, would be high. However, with enough boats, Indians can possibly burn down ships.  This, of course, is something that the developers - GSC - should consider.

Question: Is the water going to be different from Cossacks? [Asked By KnightRobby]

Answer: “Yes, water will be different and very dynamic. In the coastal part of reservoirs tide show up, real currents will appear in rivers, along with waterfalls, breakers, surf…. In shallow places you'll be able to see the bottom. Its color will also be more realistic and natural.”

Answered By: ‘Pepsi,' GSC Game World

In both land and sea, players will see both beautiful surroundings and developing strategies.  Land and sea, in any RTS game, should be one of the most vital and concentrated on aspects in a game, both in the area of graphics and strategy.  GSC has considered the strategies and of course beauty of the amazing land, as well as sea, that will be featured in American Conquest. Most importantly, there is going to be an impressive uniqueness to land and sea, both in the aspects of graphical looks, and of course important strategic values.

The Article You Just Read is written by Robert Thomas

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