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American Conquest - Mercenary System and Nuetral Nations

There has been little information revealed about the mercenary system in American Conquest, or if in fact there will be one at all.  However, more recently, GSC has given away some helpful and understandable, as well as exciting, information concerning the hiring of other units or even Native Indians.  There are some new developements concerning the mercenary system, and some excellent ideas expected to play out in AC...

First of all, some questions were answered concerning the mercenary system.  For instance, will there be a mercenary system in American Conquest at all?  And simply enough, the answer was a, "Yes." But don't expect it to work like Cossacks, as it was somewhat bothersome and unrealistic for some players; this time, it is redefined and more realistic in terms of hiring mercenaries.

To start off, there will be absolutely no Diplomatic Center to worry about.  As in Cossacks, players were forced to generate massive amounts of men from the Diplomatic Center, as the computer also did the same, not to mention those opponents of multiplayer. Yet there is a surprise related to the newly designed mercenary system. Check it out:

Question: Will there be a mercenary system in American Conquest? If so, how will it work? [Asked By KnightRobby]

"You will be able to hire units only from neutral (AI controlled) indian nations as well as exchange resources with them. You'll be able to establish relations  with them, i.e. make alliances, improve the relations established, wage wars against them, protect them, etc. This will provide a wider freedom of actions and lots of  space for tactical  and strategical manoeuvres. For less money you'll be able to hire more weak troops and correspondingly little but tronger troops for more money. With every new map you will have a new set and amount of neutral tribes you can negotiate with. So it won't
be the way it is in Cossacks where you have a preset amount and type of mersenaries for all games. Actually, we are still working on this aspect, so there can be no exact and unambiguous answer to this question."

Answered By: ‘Pepsi,' GSC Game World

Another spotlight of curiosity was the unknown fact is the explorers could hire Native Tribes during wars or for other such details. There are many unknown details about this aspect, but GSC tried to answer the best they could and supply the best information. Take a look:

Question: Will the explorers be able to hire Indians? Will they gain specific technologies, etc? [Asked By KnightRobby]

Yes. However, like I said they can hire indian troops from neutral nations only. Mercenaries will bring no new technologies to your nation. I think I should point out the fact that indians will NOT be able to hire european mercenaries, only native American ones."

Answered By: ‘Pepsi,' GSC Game World

There are some exciting details to expect; players will have to gather all of their brain-power in order to protect their interests with their allies, and to have a stable system of hiring mercenaries. Being able to hire mecenaries means to keep the allied civilization one is using for hiring alive and well, and that demands strategy and protection. Players, in terms of cutting a supply of mercenary troops, can either conquer their enemy directly, or ambush and destroy their opponent's mercenary system by killing their allies.

There will be many strategies that will play out with the use of Nuetral Units, and it will be interesting; keeping good relations with one's allies will be key and the involvement in protection and strategic involvement with one's allies will play a vital role in survival. Expect some incredible gameplay features, one of them being the use of Neutral Units and an awesome Mercenary System!

The Article You Just Read is written by Robert Thomas

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