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American Conquest: Multiplayer Details

There is scarce detail about the multiplayer system of American Conquest, but here is your first look.  Pepsi has been kind enough to answer some questions about the multiplayer aspects of American Conquest, so take a look at the list of incredibile features:

Automated championship system. Internet game has acquired Championships and automated system of holding them. A championship is monthly and yearly tournaments among TOP 100 rating participants. Best world players will be announced on a monthly and yearly basis.

Automated system means that computer will arrange the championship - form pairs, send notices and form the grid of meetings.

Possibility to view games by other players. All the Internet games can be viewed by unlimited number of players from their own computers in real time. This is going to be the same entertainment as watching basketball or hockey on TV.

New network game more - war for America, war for territories. In War for America mode the map of America is divided into a great number of separate areas of land clans and players are to fight for. By attacking such a separate land spot players will fight on a standard game map, but each new victory will mean that a clan has gained control over bigger part of American continent. 

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American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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