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American Conquest - Uniqueness Of Nations

There is one thing that sticks out about American Conquest, primarily above all other RTS


games...And that is the uniqueness of the nations between one another, and amazingly these uniqunesses will play a valuable role in strategy and gameplay. Most importantly, however, is variety and balance, as American Conquest goes beyond different nations and civilizations.

The most varied nations and civilizations are of course between the Indians and the new explorers. Indians will require different strategies including that of military might and economic endurance against the new explorers of “their” world.  Of course, one of the obvious differences between the Indians is the aspect of forts.  Indians will not have fortresses, and even more so some Indian tribes will be nomadic, with the ability of packing their tents and moving from one place to the next...

Although that information is not new, it is certainly unique and makes the Indians more stealthy and strategic in movement.  Another interesting aspect of the Indians is the fact of the warriors actually influencing economic value.  While in many games, warriors of a certain civilization are limited to helping the growth and the developement of the army, in American Conquest some Indian Warriors will actually have the ability to help the economy...

“Sioux shaman can fight, heal, increase warrior strength for a certain time, increase crops, morale and reveal a fog-of-war-hidden area.”
Oleg, Developer From GSC

More interesting is the balance between nations and Indians. GSC has tried desparately to include Indians as difficult warriors, and certainly they will be. Along with the fact that Indians are very stealthy, they can reveal certain places on the map.  Through an Indian Shaman, they can do this.  Perhaps, through such an advantage and technique, Indians can avoid entire attacks.  And along with this aspect, perhaps it is possible to avoid an attack from nations entirely...

As stated before, Indians will be able to be “on the move” or otherwise are nomadic. Perhaps the Indian Shaman can link two advantages, one being the ability to reveal certain


parts of the map, while the other being able to move their Indian tents about places.  An Indian Shaman can give away the position of an entire army, therefore knowing of a place to move the entire camp and avoiding a struggle. Maybe this is where the Indians’ defensive bonuses come in; stealthy movement, not only in the aspect of warriors, but entire encampments as well.

Indians will also be able to reveal enemy encampments as well, or perhaps trade routes. This can be an entire uniqueness to Indians, as planning raids and ambushes can be pre-meditated, rather than in the moment of spotting trade routes, or enemies.  This will be a vital role with Indians, and other vunerable aspects of nations will have to be aware.

Turning to the uniquesness of graphics, GSC has promised that nearly every singe nation will have a set of entirely different units. Therefore, battles will be completely unique and amazing. The difference battles are numerous, and such variation will draw players into American Conquest.

Along with the fact of differences in nations and Indians, there will be sets of different resources for Indians as well as each nation.  GSC explains:

“For instance, Delawares, Hurons, Sioux and Iroquians procure wood, stone, food, furs and have two other resources – metal and gunpowder, which can be purchased only from a European nation, while Pueblos have only three resources – wood, stone and food.”
Oleg, Developer From GSC

It is too early to list all the aspects that are unique in American Conquest, and certainly we will find out more about nations and units later in American Conquest’s developement.  For now, be sure to expect entirely different set of resources, building types, technologies, units, bonuses, and strategies for each nation and civilization!

The Article You Just Read is written by Robert Thomas

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