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Topic Articles: Interesting Information About American Conquest!
You can check out our new articles here, some of them displaying new information about the American Conquest game, while others may relate to strategies and such other details.  Our articles are meant to keep you updated, either it being through major strategies, or perhaps news about GSC’s titles. Check out our current articles below...


8-11-02 Multiplayer Details. Swazy Suggested This Article. Excerpt: There is scarce detail about the multiplayer system of American Conquest, but here is your first look.  Pepsi has been kind enough to answer some questions about the multiplayer aspects of American Conquest, so take a look at the list of incredibile features:

7-21-02 Interview II. No suggestions for Article. Excerpt: There will no smooth zooming as many of you expect for this hampers the dynamics of the game. However, we have come up with so cold L-mode which enables a sort of a bird's-eye view.

5-14-02 New Random Map Details. No Suggestions For Article Excerpt: GSC has promised to enhance the random maps in the upcoming American Conquest. Unlike the random maps offered by Cossacks, players will actually experience several new landscape types with the inclusion of mountains, rivers, and even waterfalls...READ MORE!

5-9-02 Demo Coming Soon and Interface. No Suggestions For Article Excerpt: Knowing that many fans are excited about American Conquest, GSC is planning to release a playable and public demo as early as this May (2002).  This will certainly gain the attention of the RTS Community, and many fans of the RTS genre...READ MORE!

5-3-02 Land and Sea Details. Article Suggested by Deen.  Excerpt: American Conquest has yet to show its details into the sea, but so far the land looks very impressive.  Although the game is indeed in its earlier stages, it is obvious that the developers are truly focusing on all aspects; they have so far promised bridges, mountains, and waterfalls in random map, and certainly such beautiful nature wonders will not be limited to only campaigns and scenarios. READ MORE!

4-3-02 Mercenary System and Nuetral Nations. Article Suggested by Cossacks The Art of WAR and Penwyn. Excerpt: First of all, some questions were answered concerning the mercenary system. For instance, will there be a mercenary system in American Conquest at all?  And simply enough, the answer was a, "Yes."  READ MORE!

3-26-02 Uniqueness of Nations. Article Suggested by Britians n1 cossack fan. Excerpt: Another interesting aspect of the Indians is the fact of the warriors actually influencing economic value. While in many games, warriors of a certain civilization are limited to helping the growth and the developement of the army, in American Conquest some Indian Warriors will actually have the ability to help the economy...READ MORE!

3-22-02 Forts and Trading Posts. There were no suggestions. Excerpt: Yet there is an importance to merging these two items of American Conquest; that is, trading posts and fortresses.  Truly, trading posts were heavily guarded in the early stages of trading with Indians, and later they were not as guarded, because of the reasons of settle alliances with Indians.  For the most part, American Conquest will have to succeed in realism...READ MORE!

3-20-02 Salvo and Charging. Article Suggested by Valdstejn. Excerpt: GSC has ensured both realism and something to look forward to. Salvo will be a needed strategy in American Conquest, as a player will be able to annihilate enemies with a burst of gunfire, a fusillade that can strike the front lines and take out many soldiers.  This strategy will be necessary for victory of course, because without it a player will be facing situations of mass casualties. READ MORE!

3-18-02 Early Examination about AC. There were no suggestions.  Excerpt: There are many reasons that fans are excited about American Conquest: the graphics are going to be stunning, the game will be able to run on lower-end computers, there will be realistic points to the game...READ MORE!


2-13-02  Interview With Oleg, Developer For American Conquest.
This article can be found here within an external link.  It gives information about system requirements for American Conquest, new details concerning the uniqueness of civilizations, and other such things.

Your Questions Answered! (Interview) CLICK HERE TO READ!
GSC tells us fans about their upcoming game and further answers some of our curious questions. Some rumors are laid to rest through this article, as some questions are too. Excerpt: Four climatic zones are going to appear in American Conquest (desert, jungles etc), that means a diverse and rich game flora and fauna. It is more likely that we have snowy landscape in missions, rather than in random map mode. Read More!

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American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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