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Yes! Our Officers deserve some grattitude and rewards for following the rules, for having fun, and especially for displaying their skillfull strategy!  Most important to the Officers, however, is to spread kindness and gattitude, and there are various awards on this page for our members that especially deserve them!  This page is the Index of Awards and you can further find out who was congratulated with certain awards by checking out our enlisted officers. Please note that giving these awards takes time. Please be patient with us when we try giving out awards!  Thank you!

Award Symbol

Name and Description of Award

Officer Enlistment Award.  This symbol is for an Officer who has been successfully enlisted into the OoV Clan. It asknowledges that this brave person has now become a loyal Officer and has the values of respect, loyalty, kindness, and bravery. By becoming an Officer, with this award, a person becomes respected for their values.  The eagle represents bravery and valor.

Active Duty Officer Award (ADO). If an Officer is given this award, it shows and represents their active part in the Officers of Valor Clan.  It is definitely an honor to receive such an award, and congratulates an Officer of their active duty!

Honorable Officer Award. A symbol for showing that an Officer  plays honorably, through either winning or losing, an Officer that receives this award is obviously a good person to play with in multiplayer.  Honorable Officers are well respected for their kindness, attitude, and general tactics.

Gentleman Award. This medal is for an Officer that is an ADO Officer and at the same time is a gentleman.  Such an attitude is displayed on all forums, in chat, and when playing across multiplayer. All Officers who receive this award display kindness, respect, and honor at ALL times.

Certificate Acheivement Award. This award goes to an Officer who has a story on display in the Stories amd Battles Section. Their presentation of their story is awarded with the Certificate Acheivement Award, and asknowledges their hard work.

Officer Alliance Award. If an Officer teams up with another Officer in a game, and displays a gentlemen attitude, they are honored with this award. This award is rare, and is quite impressive. Receiving it shows that the Officer is a good team mate and an honorable player.

Strategic Acheivement Award. This award is given to a player who shows outstanding strategic efforts in games that they have either won or lost.  It is a priviledge to be given this award, as the award represents the strategic awareness of the Officer.

Veteran Officer Award. This is the utmost highest award that an Officer can receive. This shows that an Officer has already received the Honorable Officer Award, Gentleman Award, and finally has been an Officer for a year.  Such an award shows of knowledge, and many many other aspects.


American Conquest supports up to 16,000 units at a time.  With various formations readily available, along with the guide of an officer and other units, these large mass armies are made easy to control.

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