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Chapter One

A great, towering mountain overshadowed an approaching and threatening army, as its masses passed through its shadows. Although the army was clearly hidden by the mountain's deceiving shade, it was foreseen to corrupt the gentle swift of the gloomy wind; soon, the silent lands would erupt with the grim sounds of war and an onslaught would occur…It was an event that was dreadful…
     Although the army was unseen and certainly concealed, there was another opposing force vulnerable to the open and grassy field. Since in the open, their enormous stretch of soldiers intimidated the hidden and frightened the docile animals of the ground. As they moved upon the lands, their trudging footsteps were echoed from the mountainside, a terrible reflection of what was to come…
     The great army in the open were well developed and guided in a perfection of many formations, which in themselves were organized and presentable to the battlefield. Among the many soldiers and pikemen that faced the frightful war ahead of them, were the many Dragoons that watched over them as if guardians and protectors…
     In contrast to the vast field's green and wavering grasses, the army was presented in the color orange, each one of their uniforms delivering their prideful attitudes toward their homeland: Austria. Their detailed uniforms also showed of their important status, either it being pikemen, musketeer, or dragoon; the importance of this organization was quite vital, for when a war raged in the lands there was a certainly in pride for the army…even if they were to wither and not become victorious.
     Steadily and with much needed union, the army moved about the lands toward their destination, approaching the shadows of the hills. As the fatigued and worn-out pikemen had neared the overwhelming mountain, their opposing enemy revealed themselves.  Also established and well presentable, the enemy approached steadily but quickly into the open field.
     By now, among the fear of anticipation, the many men had noticed a lake just to the west of the mountainside, as well as a passage way that the enemy had now courageously passed through.  The moment was at hand; it was time for war, as the opposing enemy were opposite of the Austrian and orange army, with their eagerness as present as ever.
     Sweat and anxiety for the battle filled the air, as the Dragoons' horses impatiently moaned and groaned, the pikemen hearing their own heartbeats in reaction to the circumstances. Feeling the same anxiety, a courageous and well-known Dragoon also felt the great and terrible anxiety of war…yet for some reason he was different.
     This Dragoon, a man with a deep scar on his face and long, wavy hair, held tight to his main weapon.  Oddly enough, though, was that this Dragoon was courageous and bold enough to hold onto his sword, not to his gun…Indeed, in the eyes of his fellow Dragoons this seemed to be a sense of ignorance, but surely he had his reasons which were unknown.
     At the current moment, he looked boldly into the giant crowd of enemy pikemen, who presented themselves in the color red, their uniforms detailed and obviously beautifully designed.  Yet as he did, he realized that something of the army was missing: musketeers and gun-powder units.  Immediately, he realized, that the Austrian Army was at an advantage.
   Still, he clearly knew the moments were unpredictable, something that he could not control nor have power over. Therefore, he focused, and remembered the many aspects of his short life that he so loved and desired…He realized that he had more to fulfill, more to do…and now his life was being threatened by the army.
   Suddenly, without warning, the opposing army approached from the glimmering lake and thin passageway, drawing near the Austrian and orange army, which held the Dragoons and musketeers, as well as the heavily armored pikemen.  Soon afterward, the armies came together, but waited patiently for their officers' signals…
     …and within moments, the pikemen were on the move, as well as the Dragoons and musketeers, as they headed their way to the opposing faction.  Their eyes wide and vigilant, their hearts pounding, and foreheads full of dotted sweat, they realized that now they would be forced to fight for what they believed in.
     Immediately, their were intimidating yells and screams from the Austrian Army, as the now scurrying and scattered pikemen trudged toward their enemy. The Dragoon, with the large scar on his face, raised his unique sword toward the whitening sky, his voice yelling among the others…His large and heavy sword, especially distinguished among others, was gold on its handle, with a swarm of wood along with brass and other materials.
     On his sword, as he raised it, was a small flag wrapped around its handle, something obviously of special value to him. He grasped the handle tightly, realizing how it was his potential life-saver.  Now, he kicked his horse gently in the ribs and called her to action; she immediately reacted, her moans distinct among the yells and screams, as she paced herself toward the large army.
     By now, the two forces merged with one another, the already gruesome battle had become full-blown and inevitable now; there was no turning back at this point. Realizing this, the Dragoons protected their own fighting pikemen, firing into the crowd of enemy pikemen, trying to aim for the bountiful amounts soldiers.
     Bullets sprayed the now torn grasses and shattered the silence of the mountainside, as the discharges of their weapons were reflected through the distinct echo; at first, the gunfire was deafening, but considering the imitation from the mountainside, it was doubled in a great cacophony. The horses' muscles tightened, their eyes wide to the sight of the on-going and provoked war, the ferocity now very alarming to them.
     As the battle continued, the Dragoon, unique with his sword with the golden handle, looked into the crowd of pikemen and other men, as he soon noticed a familiar face…His eyes widened as he recognized the cruel and deadly man, clearly with an unclean and bushy beard, his eyes showing of fierceness and savagery.
     Immediately the bold Dragoon lifted his unique sword, with its gold-trimmed handle, and trudged for the man, only to be thrown of his scared and flustered horse…
     …now was the real test for the Dragoon, for he didn't know if he would survive the heat of the battle.

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