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Chapter Three

Some more time gradually passed as Johnathan had now grown to be the age of twenty-one and had a stable job working as a coal miner.  Mines had developed rapidly, with the academy holding some of the most brilliant of minds; these very men had researched and developed farming technologies, such as crop capacity and other things.  Overall, by now, the thriving town was in better shape, as there were many lumberjacks, stone minors, and even gold minors.
     Yet the most struggling part of the economy was iron. It had sufficiently lost its interest in the market place for some time, but when musketeers had been called into action, soon afterward the importance of it was realized. Therefore, mine technologies were researched and throughout the land, maps were being created to track such mines.
     Johnathan, now capable of living on his own, had found that coal mining operations were good pay, but had one simple yet dangerous cost: it was a deadly job.  Through his hard work and skill, though, he had managed to remain alive and well for the benefit of the Austrian community.
     And by now, Johnathan had developed some friends, as he currently was sitting within the coal mine and exchanging comments with them. "Did you hear that they have built a siege workshop near the stable?"
     One of his friends looked at him, as he ate his own lunch.  "Yes, actually I have.  I hope that our work is going to good cause, as I have reckoned it has. And by the way, John," his friend told him, looking into his eyes, "they just got finished building two more stables on the outskirts of the town and they-"
     "That quickly?"
     "Yes, I think that the scholars and researchers at the academy have come up with something brilliant again…"
     "What do you mean?" Johnathan peered at him.
     "Well, they found some type of new technology to make the building operations more quicker and it has helped a lot. You see all of the dwellings being built from the ground up?"
     Johnathan smiled, his eyes widening.  "Have I?! Of course, they're popping up everywhere.  Seems like the population is struggling though-"
     "And how's that?  I haven't seen to much trouble."
     "You notice that the production rate of our army has halted?"
     "Ah, yes," his friend noted.  "Seems like they need more dwellings or something…"
     After their short conversation, Johnathan came from the mining operation on his way home.  Travelling through the length of the crowded city, he stopped by the academy and was in awe of its amazing architecture; the white building had beautiful columns, each one of them very detailed and astonishing. There were large steps that lead up to the building's entrance, which in itself was also very crafted.
     While gazing at the building, Jonathan heard a sudden scream. It seemed to be a young woman in desperate trouble.  "Help!! Someone!!"
     Johnathan heard the cries for assistance and he ran to them.  After struggling his way through some tall grasses and making his way through some rugged rocks, he finally found the trouble. There, nestled in the stillness of some dwellings, was a woman struggling with a man, who was obviously trying to steal her goods.
     "What's going on?!" Johnathan yelled out.
     Immediately, Johnathan noticed the defiled look of the cruel and dangerous man; he had a long, bushy and uncut beard that showed of his very inhuman attitude.  Turning to Johnathan's voice, the man looked at him and spit on the flowers that lied torn on the ground; they were obviously some of the goods that the woman had been carrying.
     Without hesitation, Johnathan leaped for the man, knowing that he presented a danger toward the young woman.  Suddenly, the frightening man pulled a glistening knife from his belt, trying to defend himself as well as the stolen goods. Desperately trying to escape the fury of the knife, Johnathan leaped, dodging the swinging criminal, but was stroke in the face without mercy.
     Johnathan, left with blood on his face, pushed the man away, as he scurried and was incredibly flustered. Knowing that Johnathan was injured and the danger of an officer was nearby, the criminal ran away, fleeing from the broken scene.
     Not paying attention to his own wound upon his bloody face, Johnathan immediately aided the young woman and tried to assist her. From examining her, Johnathan noticed that she was unharmed and unscathed. Yet he asked her, "Are you all right?"
     "Yes yes!" she quickly said, standing now from her position.  "Oh dear, you need help!"
     "No," Johnathan told her, "I am okay."
     The young woman immediately disagreed, obviously knowing that the wound was quite severe.  "Please!  Let me take you for medical help."
     Johnathan reluctantly agreed and finally submitted to her advice, realizing that indeed blood was upon his face. Quickly, they both rushed to where she guided them and soon Johnathan had found the place of his medical help: the Officer of the Musketeers.

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