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Chapter Five

Soon, Johnathan's dreams had befalled him and he was living a life of love, strength, truth, and peace. Now at the age of twenty-three, he had married Mary and they had become a couple.  Knowing that life had its complicated times and trials, Johnathan realized that this was a possible reward for his obedience to the truth.
     Now, however, there was another grim reality: the peace treaty had been broken and war was inevitable.  The Austrian community would have to become a fortification, as towers were being built, and everyday would have to be lived as precious as the next. Yet for Johnathan, he was going to be active in the on-coming war, for he had become an official Dragoon of the alarming time.
     "I must go," Johnathan looked Mary in the eyes. "Make sure you take care of everything and be prepared."
     She was silent.
     "I am sorry.  But you know when your uncle called me to service this day would come.  We both knew this would happen.  But I do not think anything could prepare us for this time." He looked at her with firm eyes. "I will come back…do not worry.  You have to be strong for me, as do I for you."
     "Yes," Mary finally managed.  "I love you."
     "I love you as well."

Soon, Johnathan had joined the Austrian Campaign to halt the actions of the rebellion force, which was becoming more hostile than ever. Not realizing that there were nearly a thousand men to fight against the rebellion force, Johnathan was hopeful that he would soon return to Mary unharmed and emotionally unbroken; he knew that it was going to be dreadful.
     With him were his friends, who had come from the coal mining operations. They, on the other hand, had become pikemen and were on the front lines.  Yet with Johanthan's recommendation, they had been pushed back in the lines and would have a chance of survival.  Now, it was a matter of time.
     Currently, within an open field approaching a mountainside, Johnathan sat on his horse, which was impatient on every tug of the harness. Noticing this nervousness, Johnathan reassured her as she calmed down and continued to trudge behind the masses of soldiers; within the organization of men, each formation with a powerful officer and a pounding drummer, were pikemen and musketeers.  Everyone was nervous, obviously because of their awareness levels and attitudes.
     Now, they approached the towering mountain and suddenly a scout came scurrying from the open field to one of the officers.  Unable to hear what was happening because of the marching, Johnathan knew that the scout was reporting something terrible; the enemy had been sighted behind the shades of the immense mountain.
     Immediately afterward, with Johnathan behind the orange uniforms of the pikemen and musketeers, the opposing rebellion force revealed themselves within the open field.  Feeling his heart racing now as the enemy approached, Johnathan pulled his sword from its resting place alongside his belt.  He grasped the well-designed handle tightly, with its gold trim and special initials, as it was covered by his wife's custom-made flag.
     Without warning, the intimidating yells of the bold pikemen followed as the opposing force hurried toward them, obviously heading without cause into the masses of the Austrian Campaign.  Soon, the pikemen merged with the opposing force, with pikes swinging the air, and musketeers firing off into the crowds of men.
     For Johnathan, he raised his sword and yelled out to the sky, which was a whitish, ashen color, reflecting upon the grim status of the war. Immediately, Johnathan peered down into the crowd of fighting men, as the Dragoons now began to fire off as well, aiming for the enemy.
     Yet now, Johnathan was in complete and overwhelming shock when he saw a familiar face: the very man that had threatened his wife's life when he had first meant her.  Recognizing the same, shaggy and unclean beard as well as hair, Jonathan trudged forward, realizing that - by now - he had joined forces with the enemy!
     "Ahhh!" Johnathan screamed out, but was cruelly interrupted when his horse lost her tracks and fell to the ground.  The near fatal consequence of this was the moment Johnathan flew into the shifting wind, feeling the power of the gusts rippling against the warmth his body. The calamitous fall was incredibly dangerous, as Johnathan nearly landed on his head.
     Yet falling in the thick mud from the running and courageous pikemen, Johnathan's fall was softened. Though the frightening fall had taken the wind out of his racing lungs, Johnathan managed to stand and find the man he was looking for; now it was time for justice.  He came forward with his sword drawn, among the pikemen and others, and came swinging with his sword, swiping it toward the man.
   The brilliant and sharp sword contacted the cruel man, as he was thrown down into the foul mud…and soon he had disappeared under the collision of both armies, as the pikemens' feet trudged over him, and he was never to be seen anymore.  

After hours of battling, the terrible war among the men had come to an end.  For the most part, the opposing army had been forced down to their terrible status and had received their penalty for raging war upon the Austrian Community. For Johnathan, he had survived the terrible battle and was thankful for the truth; one of these truths had been completed and that was the existence of the rebellion force was not needed within the lands.
     For another month, mortar cannons fired upon the rebellion city without mercy, causing the town's people to surrender and flee from their dwelling places.  With the loud cacophony from the mortar cannons, the war was soon over and victory had been meant for the Austrian Community.
     Yet still, reinforcement Dragoons pervaded the city and took it hostage, as well as capturing some of the peasants and valuable buildings before they could be burnt down. The war had been won and the truth had prevailed; one truth that would impact generations to come and would show the consequences of evil but the prevail of goodness.
     For Johnathan, he would have the chance to live with his wonderful wife and enjoy her company without the worries of a threatening war.  It had seemed that the once dreadful-looking future for Johnathan was looking grim, but now through his love for his country would he be able to obtain his reward of life. And the horizon for his future would not become dark, but enlightened in reaction to his truth and service for his community…
   …and the darkening horizon had been overcome by the shining sun.

The End

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