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Chapter Four

Johnathan soon found himself in the Officer's headquarters and he was quite curious of the place. He had been assisted with medical help and had received the proper medicines and other things.  Among other activities that befalled him, he was told that the deep cut in his face would probably scar him for life. With the news, Johnathan was greatly disappointed.
     Yet beside him sat the beautiful woman that he had rescued. She leaned over the bed and thanked him, "You saved my life. I am thankful."
     "I am hopeful that anyone would have done the same for you," Johnathan told her.  "Why were you behind the academy though?"
     She hesitated.  "My father is the academy's Head Scholar and he holds research and developing meetings there. I am responsible for the academy's garden and other landscape items."  She paused momentarily. "Also, his brother is an Officer for the community's musketeer parade.  That is why we are here."
     "Ah, I see," Johnathan said, smiling. "I didn't catch you name…?"
     The young woman caught herself. "Oh, yes.  I am so sorry.  My name is Mary Hettington."
     "Beautiful name," Johnathan told her. "I like it."
     She seemed shy but managed. "And what is yours?"
     "Mine, well of course.  Johnathan Stegnen."
     "Nice to meet you formerly," she smiled.  "I am sorry that we got started off the wrong way-"
     "It is not your fault." Johnathan now shifted in his bed, trying to remain comfortable. 
     "Of course not, I know that.  But again, I am thankful," she told him.  Again, she seemed hesitated. Johnathan then admired this shyness in her.  "My father will be grateful when he hears the news…"
     "He had better," Johnathan laughed shortly. "I was scarred for life because of you." Johnathan too hesitated in his words but he still continued. "But it was worth it."
     Flattered, she simply smiled. They both realized that they had been through something unpredictable and very discouraging in their lives, yet they had found each other…Soon, Johnathan was hoping to remain in contact with Mary and perhaps call her to marriage, but of course only with the permission of her father.  Yet now, it was too soon to be confident in such a thing, as he had learned.

Time had passed and to Johnathan's surprise he had been able to meet Mary's father.  He was given a appreciative reward from her father's brother, who was the Officer of the Musketeers - which was one of the most respected parts of the army for the community.  The reward was quite astonishing for Johnathan as he had never owned something of such honor; it was a magnificent sword, with a gold-trimmed handle, along with the strongest of wood that the community could offer. Imprinted within the wood was the initials of the Officer's name, obviously representing the strong fact that it was a musketeer's sword.
     Overtook by the love of the family, Johnathan was thankful. Another gift that he had received was also special, although this time it came from Mary herself. Beautifully designed and delicately made, a flag of honor and truth was presented to him out of gratitude and thanks.  In reaction, Johnathan committed himself to the family's request…
     One of the requests from the powerful and feared Officer - the brother of Mary's father - was for Johnathan to train and become a specialized Dragoon. Of course, Johnathan agreed immediately and welcomed the idea with open arms.
     "You do realize that it is going to be a challenge though," Mary had told him when they had time to talk.
     "Yes, but I think I am capable. I deserve the challenge."  Thinking momentarily, Johnathan paused and then told Mary, "I am so welcomed here in your family.  I have never truly had one, as I have told you I was an orphan. I am so honored to be a part of your family and your life."
     "We welcome you with open arms because of your love for your community."
     Johnathan smiled lightly. "And I hope that I please your uncle.  I think that I can hopefully help the community with my training. I have always dreamed of becoming something in this world and to be a part of something as well. And I cannot believe the change in my life. I am now a part of something and I feel that I must serve the community by becoming a Dragoon."
"Yes," Mary told him, "You are now a part of our family because you have my father's trust and he welcomes you greatly."  With those simple words, Johnathan immediately knew that he would call Mary for marriage and soon their life would be complete. For some reason, he had been gifted with a sudden change of life; he had entered the realm of acceptance and love, not because of riches, but due to the fact that indeed he was a good person.  He was not judged, nor was he taken advantage of. He was simply appreciated and respected.

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