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Chapter One

War was inevitable…

     Within a thriving Austrian country, there was a faint realization of a threatening war, as the winds drifted the anticipation of defeat or victory. Austrian troops had been called for active duty, as they realized that the moments and the era had changed for the worse; they were going to actually fight in a hateful war that seemed so far away, as they had thought…

     Now, however, it had seemed that the war front had touched them deeply. The prepared Austrian Town, found in the early 1700's, had not seen war ever since it had built its untouchable foundation, but certainly had seen terrible times. Now, on the other end, they were facing a grave and sensitive matter once more, for war had come to them without purpose…and certainly, they did not come to war.

     Nearly three months ago, the Austrian's allies had been brutally attacked, one onslaught that was not provoked nor reasoned with. With this, their allies had been unprepared and not very organized, along with the fact that their training was quite poor in combat tactics. Therefore, in effect, they were helpless and were unable to defend for themselves, as the conclusion drew near: their once alive town had been burned to the ground.

     When the awful news had struck the Austrian city, they quickly realized that they were next. There was no telling when their town would be suddenly attacked, but certainly they would do justice for the terrible act that had befalled their allies. However, they had to be certain of the unseen enemy and who he was, as it had been obvious that the opposing force was hiding deep within their own shadow.

     In preparation, or more so reaction to the terrible attack on their helpless ally, the Austrian nation prepared their army. In realizing that their enemy was deep within the barren desert, the city knew that they had to find the evil force that had overtook their allies, and with this realized, they knew where they would have to look first: the torn ally city.

     A scout was called to search the remnants of their allies and soon the scout was on his journey. When he came to the burnt and destroyed city, he had found what they had been looking for; it had seemed that a large and bountiful army, composed of nearly a hundred musketeers, and some Dragoons, had swept through the town mercilessly, not even holding prisoners.

     Familiar to the scout was the fact of their suits.  Among the chaotic destruction of the town, the army guarded now overtaken gold and iron mines, as they presented their egotistic pride through their uniforms.  Noting that the uniforms were quite familiar, the scout came to a terrifying conclusion: they're enemy was all too familiar, as he had now noticed that the army was their ally.

     Indeed, the Austrian City had its allies, one that was destroyed, while the others were stable.  And soon, they had found that another ally of theirs, one that was well respected and honored, had betrayed them.  The scout immediately left the chaos to his home town, reporting to the Town Hall about the matter…

     "Sir, from my own examination, it had seemed that they were wearing uniforms alike our allies in the Austrian Valley," the scout reported to the people.  "I am positive that our enemy is our ally."

     A scholar, who was well-known and respected, stood within the meeting, his eyes wide and determined.  "Impossible!  How is it that our very own ally betrays us?  How is-"

     "Sir, if I may," the scout carefully interrupted. "It also came to my mind that the army had taken control of all of the mines in the area. I the cause of their actions are obvious; they did it out of greed.  They seemed so proud of their victory over our allies and they stood among the buildings…among the terrible-"

     The fearful scholar calmed the scout's raging emotions.  "That is enough.  You have seen terrible things.  You need your rest for now…Thank you for your journery."  The scholar called for needed aids to take the flustered scout to a resting place, as he was helped to his own comfortable tavern.  Yet at the same time, the scholar still continued:

     "I will tell you this.  We are at war, gentlemen. We will need to recruit our men of our town into the army and call for hundreds of pikemen to defeat these traitors.  It is something that we are all dreading…I can see it in your eyes.  But justice must be served for our defeated allies and we will show our enemy their consequence!"

     The tense meeting, with crowds of respected officers and other known men, honored the scholars enterprising words with an uproar of clapping and cheering. Soon, however, they realized that the would all be going to war…

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