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Chapter Three
War Part I

Long away were the times of peace and a sense of serenity…In a great contrast, the forlorn war had replaced armistice, as peace was now non-existent to the army. As they had been travelling for months, with makeshift tents that were movable, the campaign to defeat the traitors had its terrible sacrifices…

     Many pikemen, along with some horses, had become vulnerable to the consequences of the desert. Fatigue had overwhelmed the desperate army, as they had many casualties from the conditions alone. Fever, sickness, death, and disease had all been the terrible elements that they had to face, and certainly many suffered from such things, including pikemen, as well as some horses.

     Now, on the other end, was the time for war.  As a well-trained scout had spotted the opposing force within the desert-like valley, the makeshift camps were packed and the eager army was ready for war.  Officers, with their training in mind, called the pikemen into formation. Since there were nearly three-hundred men to keep track of, each man was signed to a certain officer, who in himself, was skilled in battle.

     Therefore, morale of the anxious army was raised for the betterment of the army's grave efforts. Officers called for pikemen to become comfortable in a formation of one-hundred-ninety-six each, as some were limited to one-hundred-twenty. There were nearly three groups of these composed and well organized pikemen formations, as the officers were both hopeful and ready for war.

     On the other side of the army were those that would protect their hard-working pikemen; Dragoons cleaned their rifles carefully, while musketeers trained by practicing their targeting. Certainly, there was going to be a sense of protection for the vulnerable pikemen, for they were going to be vigilantly watched by their gun-powder regiments.  With this realized, they had a better chance of surviving.

     Now, in perfect formations and groups, everyone realized that they had already lost many…from the terrible assault on their allies, to the men that had died from the horrible and agonizing conditions of the desolate desert. Yet they realized that they were prepared in many ways, not only in the aspects of numbers and training, but that all of the men proved virtuous, as their morals were good and their cause even better.

     It was now time for war, as the officers marched their men, and the Dragoon's horses trotted slowly, but eagerly behind the formations. Musketeers remained out of formation, as they were told to watch every man, along with the fact to stay in a straight line behind the large numbers of pikemen. 

     Soon, a nebulous form suddenly appeared neared the horizon, as now it was apparent that it was the opposing force.  The marching and nervous pikemen held their weapons tight, their eyes wide, hearts pounding, sweat and exhaustion felling the air. The Dragoons felt the careless heat of the bright, hot sun, as they too gazed out to the horizon, seeing the opposing force nearing.

     Loose dirt drifted in the swift wind, as sudden gusts carried the desert away, casting dirt upon the moving and hurrying formation; pikemen wiped their eyes, as they were clouded with the conditions of the traveling dirt, as heat towered down their fatigued bodies, and it seemed that there was no escape from both war and conditions of the dry desert.

     Soon, however, they were incredibly close to the enemy's army, as they peered at the numerous musketeers and Dragoons that stood guard. There were no presence of pikemen, but they realized that vigilance was vital for their survival; in other words, a force of pikemen could be hiding behind the large hills of shifting sand.

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