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Chapter Three
War Part II

     Currently, the war was now about to begin…The Dragoons overlooked the many pikemen that were awaiting their certain cause.  They raised their deadly weapons, the reflections of the environment were upon their reflective rifles, as the Dragoons aimed for the crowds of musketeers and Dragoons that steadily were in the sand.

     Suddenly, without warning, the enemy Dragoons lifted their weapons, as well as the musketeers, aiming for the front lines of the awaiting pikemens and…without mercy, pulled their triggers, as the fusillade immediately echoed through the environment, the sound incredibly deafening from the gunfire.

     Soon, the Austrian pikemen were sprayed with the rain of bullets, as the loose sand was shifted by the penetrating projectiles.  In reaction, they screamed and yelled in means of intimidating, as they began to trudge forward toward the enemy, with many pikemen falling because of the powerful bullets. The Austrian and orange Dragoons discharged their weapons, a mist of smoke and smog from the rifles filled the air, pervading over the now moving pikemen. 

     Musketeers did the same, reacting to the terrible war, firing off their weapons over the pikemen, aiming for the mounted men upon their horses. Fortunately, the Dragoons targeted the other enemy, as men fell off their horses into the deep sand, as the pikemen finally contacted with the musketeers and Dragoons.

     By now, however, many pikemen were on the ground lifeless, a result of war and the terrible cacophony that had befalled the Austrian army.  The army's orange uniforms, full of dirt and sand, were now ripped and torn, from not only the conditions of the desert, but the on-going war effort.

     Soon, the enemy Dragoons moved back, trying to remain alive to cover the now combat between the pikemen and musketeers, as weapons were swung in the air, and the terrible sounds of war filled the once lifeless desert…The enemy Dragoons again fired off into the crowds of pikemen, the smoke pervading the battlefield, drifting to the wind, as the clouds in the sky now were darkening…

     Regretfully, the Austrian army had lost many of their honored pikemen, as there were only about thirty-six remaining.  Among the on-going tension, the vaunted Dragoons desperately tried to find targets, but the smoke was blocking their view of the enemy; it was costing them the war.

     Knowing that they had to protect the remaining pikemen, they all looked at each other out of frustration, and agreed to move forward.  Kicking the ribs of their frightened horses, they immediately surged forward, like a wave overtaking the shoreline. Moving as one motion, the Dragoons trudged forward, their weapons in their hands, as they grasped tightly on the very harnesses that held them to their horses.

     Finally, within the thickening smoke, they were able to gain view of the war, as they heard the loud discharges of weaponry, but the existence of cannons was limited; in other words, the Austrian Army was dominate in siege, as they had fifteen mortar cannons that were currently being protected.

     Again, the courageous Dragoons stopped their panting horses, yelling their commands, and fired their weapons toward the enemy.  Bullets flew through the air, unseen to the eye, as they contacted the crowds of enemy Dragoons, men fell of their nervous horses within the deep sand.

     On the other end, the fearless pikemen had now disappeared from the battle; lying on the ground lifeless, they were all defeated by the enemy and the musketeers and Dragoons proved to be the only ones to survive the now on-going battle.

   Feeling the agony from the pikemen's defeat, the Dragoons and musketeers came forward toward the sinister enemy, as they fired off their weapons again, now even more smoke crowded the unlivable air. Some of the Austrian Dragoons fell from their mounted positions, as the horses trudged in complete confusion because of the massive amounts of noise and turmoil.

     Austrian musketeers still fired off, but they too suffered great casualties…yet it had seemed that now they were winning the war, for most of the enemy army were defeated, as well as the stark fact that they were falling back from the war.  Yet still, the Austrian musketeers and Dragoons pressed on through the smoke, seeing the running enemy and horses, as they aimed their weapons, and a great fusillade impacted the enemy; again, they suffered from their actions…

     Now, as the remaining Austrian Army realized, they had won the war…It was now time to seize and capture the town, as the army of the enemy had nearly disappeared like a mist in the wind…They had become victorious, but with many sacrifices within the grim moment…

     …soon, the enemy town would be destroyed and justice would be finally served.

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