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Chapter Two
The Movement

It had been a couple of trying months and the Austrian City's army was finally becoming developed; they had been fortunate enough to find vengeful men, within the stirring town, that had volunteered for the pikemen position, one that was notorious for casualties; along with this, officers were eager to go to war, wanting the efforts of their broken alliance with the now opposing force to be halted at last.

     The numbers of the bountiful army was incredible: there were nearly three-hundred trained pikemen, along with nearly a hundred readied Dragoons, all uniformed, representing their honor and bravery for their threatened city. Along with the arrival of hundreds of pikemen and a hundred Dragoons, joining the resistance were prepared and armored musketeers, each one of them with deadly muskets. They would all try to protect the fifteen mortar cannons that would hopefully destroy the enemy town.

     The on-going movement was destroy the traitors within the hidden valley, but the Austrian City realized that the campaign was going to be dreadful in many terms; for one, they're were the natural forces to deal with.  Since the community was within the middle of a large desert, the army would have to travel across the withered and dry lands in hopes of finding the opposing force's town. They were going to have to face the elements of the desert, including fatigue, fever, and death…

     It all seemed overwhelming, but they realized that moving on was vital to their very existence. The Austrian army knew, that with their strengthened efforts, they would certainly not disappear, as their allies had. 

     In each of their minds, including the pikemen, Dragoons, and musketeers, they thought of the lost lives from the broken and destroyed town of their ally's.  Knowing that the opposing enemy had devastated their allies, more so completely annihilated them, the army knew of their purpose; they were going to seek certain and needed revenge, in comparison anticipated justice.

     Now with a large army, they would begin their agonizing journey through the lifeless desert and would hopefully survive the day to see their families once more…

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