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Chapter Four

Within the opposing foe's town, a father sat eating his meal within his sheltered house, as around the table was his entire family.  He looked at all of them as he lifted his fork, with its food, and placed the meat into his mouth.  As he ate, he chose the conversation that they would have over the delicious meal.

     "I have seen the clouds today and they look quite dark, no?" he again placed some more meat into his mouth, sallowing the food effortlessly.

     His wife sat across him, along with his children that sat on either side of the food-filled table. "Yes," she spoke, "I think that it is going to storm today, it is already raining some.  I think that many of the town's people would agree.  We have been having a terrible drought this year-"

     "I know," her husband spoke, "tell me about it. We need the rain-"

     "But papa," spoke one of the younger children, "I think it is raining."

     His father smiled generously at his child.  "I know.  Is it not exciting to-"

     Suddenly, a loud, thunderous boom echoed through the hustling town, along with their house. The older man looked at his wife as well as his kids, as they momentarily paused from eating their meal.  Again, another loud, great cacophony was heard, the rain from the skies clattering against the wooden roof of their comfortable home.

     "I reckon its thunder," one of the boys spoke to his father.

     "Yes...We need the storm, thank heavens!  I hope this cures our drought."

     They again proceeded to eat to the relaxing sound of the gloomy rain, as it tapped lightly upon the exterior of their house, allowing a faint sound of soft, drum-like music to echo through the decorated room.

     Without warning, another powerful boom flowed through their ears, but this time it was more alarming then ever; the house shook in reaction, along with the table which held the now clattering dishes…The man looked at his wife wide eyed, as the booms continued to rock and shake the house without mercy, the children now becoming frightful, as they screamed.

     "What is it?!" one of the children cried.

     "I don't know!" the father told him, now standing.

     Suddenly, one of the sturdy walls of the kitchen immediately was torn open, busting toward the decorative room, the once solid wood flying from the wall, as it scattered upon the floor of the room and flew, cluttering the entire house..  The father jumped in reaction to the sudden calamity, as he could feel the shards of the house against his back.  He screamed in pain.

     They now realized what had happened as they saw the roof beginning to cave in within another room, as a large cannon-ball suddenly rocketed through the roof, then onto the debriss-ridden floor, causing the pattern of the wood to be destroyed, with fragments flying in the air, disrupting the entire feel of the once comfortable home…

     The father finally stood from his position, looking at his children and wife, and made sure that they were all right.  He then could see the rain from the skies flowing through the now opened roof, as it was torn to pieces, and heard the enormously loud booms once more.  Out of fear and curiosity, the frightened man looked at the floor, seeing the wood caved in and within the crater-like area held something that made his heart leap: a large cannon-ball, obviously from mortar fire.

     He gazed at his younger child, telling him in a panic, "I don't think its thunder…"


The Austrian Army had now advanced close to the now ruined town, as they had fired their fifteen mortar cannons into the once livable houses of the enemy city. They had managed to completely defeat the entire force of Dragoons and Musketeers, as they realized that they had quickly outnumbered the opposing force.

     Now, they were capturing the town effortlessly, as their mortar cannons thundered the skies, as rain fell upon the entire remaining army as well as town.  The Dragoons and brave musketeers stood protecting the firing and deafening mortar cannons, as they grasped their wet weapons. Peering into the helpless town, they now knew that the enemy felt the fear of their very own actions, and the consequences had finally caught them in complete surprise.

     It had seemed, that now, justice was being served for the wrong doings of the opposing force…and they were feeling the terrible consequences of their greed-filled actions. Their defeat was inevitable…

     …and for Austria, their victory claimed. 


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